Purdue Disclaimer Nondiscrimination Policy
Purdue Disclaimer Nondiscrimination Policy

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Thank You. Your involvement on a University committee is critical to aid and expedite faculty responsibilities. The University Senate Nominating Committee will review the list of those offering to serve and compile nominations that reflect the entire University (college/school, departmental, gender, and racial). Senate Standing Committees must be Senators or Senate advisors. Senate Faculty Committees are open to Purdue Faculty members. Most of the Faculty Committees report to one of the Senate Standing Committees.

Please note that current committee members do not need to sign up.
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You must click the submit button on the Faculty Committees page to complete the process.

Charge: University Senate

The University Senate exercises powers and responsibilities delegated to the faculty by the Board of Trustees. The Senate serves as a legislative body (curricular matters) and advisory body (policy and procedures) to the administration and the trustees.
The Senate accomplishes many of its functions through its major standing committees: Faculty Affairs, University Resources Policy, Educational Policy, Student Affairs, and Nominating.

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