Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication

Townsend Writing Excellence Competition

Because it creates a permanent record of ideas that can be easily shared with others, writing is one of the most important ways to communicate about food, agricultural and environmental issues. Good writing comes in many forms and can have many different purposes, such as to educate, inform, persuade and entertain.

Consider entering a sample of your writing in the Townsend Writing Excellence Competition. Your entry can be a piece of writing turned in for a class assignment in the past academic year or it can be writing developed specifically for this competition. Examples of acceptable entries include the following:

  • Informative writing, such as a news story or other expository writing
  • Opinion writing, such as a commentary, blog post or persuasive writing
  • Creative writing, such as a narrative or first-person account

Entries must be between 500 and 1200 words, written for a non-expert audience and address a topic related to food, agriculture or the environment.

Entry Deadline and Submission

Writing entries must be submitted online by Monday April 17, 2017, 5:00 p.m.. Review the complete writing competition instructions and rules. To participate in the Townsend Writing Excellence Competition, enter your Purdue Career Account Login when prompted and complete the online Entry Form.

Entries will be judged using a blind review process.


Competition Supervisor and Contact:

Dr. Mark Tucker - / 765-494-8439