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Youth Development & Agricultural Education

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan PDF

May 22, 2009

"Empower, Educate, Enhance" are three powerful words that clearly and succinctly identify the key foci of the department.Youth Development & Agricultural Education Logo

In the department's short six-year history, the faculty and staff have created a unit that is focused on teaching and learning in formal and non-formal/informal settings. The past six years have been truly a remarkable time as three distinct and separate units embarked on a journey to create a premier academic department focused on agricultural communication, agricultural education and extension education. Being a part of this incredible experience has been one of the most exciting times of my 24-year academic career. I have had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, the hard work, dedication and remarkable talents of a group of individuals who are determined to craft an academic department that will stand second to none in the country.

Two years ago, in 2007, the department embarked on a self-study that culminated in an outside group providing their analysis of the department. The combination of the department's self-analysis, along with the outside group's analysis, laid the foundation for the department's creation of a thorough and comprehensive six-year plan. This plan was built on the cumulative experiences of the three original units coupled with the efforts and accomplishments of the past six years.

The plan was developed through the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders, university colleagues, students, alumni, faculty and staff. It is these dedicated individuals whose commitment helped the department create a truly diverse and comprehensive plan that will guide the department during the next stage of its development.

As the department embarks on its next six-year journey, this plan's three key foci, Empowering individual and group leadership capacity and capability; Educating through agriculture and life science; and Enhancing quality of life for all citizens, will serve as a strong foundation from which the department can and will grow.

The next several years promise to be a tremendously exciting time for the Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education. We invite you to join us on our journey!

Roger Tormoehlen, Ph.D., Professor and Head
Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education