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Weather and Climate Science (Indiana 4-H)

Youth will learn basic information about weather, including what causes variations in weather and why we have different seasons and climates on the earth. In this project you will observe and record weather conditions and learn weather symbols.

Exhibit pictures (2012 and before; do not use new curriculum)

New Manuals - Released in Feb, 2015. Order from The Education Store, www.edustore.purdue.edu. Enter "weather and climate science" in the Store Search box (on the right hand side) OR click on the Category "4-H Youth Development" on the left of the home page and then click on "4-H Weather & Climate Science." Note that Levels 2 (middle school aged youth) and 3 (high school aged youth) are available online only. The following website has a video that shows how to access the downloaded files: http://www.ydae.purdue.edu/education_store/video/CurriculumSoilWater.html


  • Independent Study suggestion: Become a CoCoRaHS volunteer!
    • CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network
    • Volunteers provide weather data online across the country
    • Indiana Coordinators (contact for the next training session)
  • NOAA Weather forecast (enter your zipcode)
  • Window to the Universe website
  • Purdue


Images from the American Geological Institute (IGS, see "Weather")


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