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Forestry (Indiana 4-H)

The forestry project will help you to learn how to identify trees, uses of trees, the benefits of trees, and the importance of our woodlands. A knowledge of trees and woodland management leads to a greater enjoyment of the outdoors. An understanding of tree characteristics will allow future landowners to choose the best varieties for urban or rural benefits that include cooling, wildlife habitat, and reducing erosion and other types of pollution.

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Manuals -- Order from The Education Store, www.edustore.purdue.edu. Click on the Category "4-H Youth Development" on the left of the home page and then click on "4-H Forestry."

  • Follow the Path, Forestry 1 (#BU-08038), Academic Standards
  • Reach for the Canopy, Forestry 2 (#BU-08039), Academic Standards
  • Explore the Deep Woods (#BU-08040), Academic Standards
  • National 4-H Facilitator/Helper's Guide (#BU-08041)
  • Indiana Volunteer Forestry Helper's Guide (#4-H-1008-W)

Resources - 4-H Forestry project

  • Why Leaves Change Color
  • Preserving Leaves
  • Fifty Trees of Indiana, 4-H 15-80 (book & CD, The Education Store, search for 'Ffity Trees)
  • Forestry Career Development Event (CDE ~ contest)
    • Learn more about forest ecosystems, forestry management, and the utilization of forest products.
    • Develop leadership skills and practice good study habits
    • Appreciate and manage Indiana's forest resources wisely
    • Compete against other 4-H or FFA members
  • Graphic (jpeg) of Indiana
  • Parts of a Tree Diagram (online, order: 4-H 641B), sold 25/package
  • Level 1, page 8, Parts of a Tree Diagram - information and answers
  • Level 2, page 8, Leaf Machine equation
  • Level 2, page 14, My State's Forests. Map help at IGIC


Forests at Work - PBS’ Indiana Expeditions (individual segments of the show, or the entire episode, plus bonus clips)


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