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Youth Development & Agricultural Education

What is LSESA?

A team of faculty and students at Purdue who, through collaborative efforts, bring together experiential learning, life sciences, and real-world applications of inquiry and career development within the context of STEM (STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

What is the LSESA "Wheel"?


The LSESA "Wheel", like any wheel, is comprised of three components: the hub, the rim, and the tire. This metaphor is modeled in the graphic to the left.

The "Hub" (inner circle) is the pedagogy of Life Science Education. It consists of the theories and concepts by which Life Science is taught.

The "Rim" (middle circle) focuses on the academic content taught in Life Science classes. There are four basic areas of Life Science—Natural Resources, Plants, Animals, and Food.

The "Tire" (outer circle) brings together the theories, concepts, and content of Life Science Education and places it in context. It gives Life Science a place in careers and real-world applications in technology, engineering, and agriculture. In keeping with the wheel metaphor, the tire is where the "rubber meets the road", where Life Science is applied.

LSESA Activities: