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Youth Development & Agricultural Education

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Colleen Brady, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Informal science education. Research focused around assessment of educational needs and development and implementation of effective electronic-based methods.

Dr. Natalie Carroll, Professor - Extension Education
Informal learning and curriculum development, experiential science learning in environmental and natural resources.

Dr. Linda Chezem, Professor - 4-H Youth
Ethical issues in forensic science; ethical and legal issues in research; justice system education; legal issues in alcohol use and misuse; animal use and ownership law.

Dr. Aryn Dotterer, Assistant Professor – CDFS/Extension Education
Developmental and ecological approaches to the study of children’s and adolescents’ school experiences and academic achievement,

Dr. Levon Esters, Associate Professor - Agricultural Education
Career development theory and practice; career education; use of agriculture as a context for teaching and learning STEM; application of social cognitive career theory to diverse youth in urban life science educational contexts.

Dr. Neil Knobloch, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Learner-centered teaching strategies; STEM education; interdisciplinary learning; PK-12 outreach and engagement; teacher and student motivation; mentoring and development of underrepresented minorities in agricultural STEM disciplines.

Dr. Pamala Morris, Assistant Dean/Diversity Programs/Asscociate Professor
Multicultural education; diversity awareness, intercultural effectiveness and communication, service learning methods.

Dr. Kathryn Orvis, Associate Professor - Extension Education
Plant science and biotechnology as a context for STEM learning; youth gardening as a teaching tool; technology mediated teaching challenging life science topics; informal education.

Dr. Jerry Peters, Professor - Agricultural Education
Teacher effectiveness through the development of teaching strategies/methods that can be used both in teacher preparation and in the classroom by teachers.

Dr. Linda Pfeiffer, Associate Professor - Science Communication
Effective construction of science communication narratives for facilitating public understanding of for engagement in controversial agricultural, food, natural resource, and environmental science; roles of media in public engagement.

Mark Russell, Department Head - Professor of Extension and Leadership Development Engagement strategies to apply agricultural sciences; leadership development and intercultural effectiveness outcomes; experiential and service learning methods.

Dr. B. Allen Talbert, Professor - Agricultural Education
Under-represented populations in agriculture and agricultural education; adult learning; qualitative and mixed methods studies; experiential learning.

Dr. Roger Tormoehlen, Head and Professor - Youth Development and Agriculture Education
Digital-based learning, engineering literacy, inquiry/challenge-based learning, agricultural health and safety, engineering education, international development, integrated STEM education.

Dr. Mark Tucker, Professor Youth Development & Agricultural Education
Risk communication; science communication; audience analysis; strategic issues management; sociology of higher education; agricultural journalism education.